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Geomorphic and Habitat Assessments,
River Corridor Planning

Saxtons River Phase 1, 2, & Corridor Plan  - Southern VT

Fitzgerald Environmental Associates (FEA), under contract to the Windham County Natural Resources Conservation District, carried out Phases 1, 2, and 3 geomorphic assessments and developed a River Corridor Plan following the VTANR protocols. Phase 2 data collected by FEA along the main stem and tributary reaches formed the basis for Fluvial Erosion Hazard (FEH) planning in towns affected by past flooding and streambank erosion.

Exeter River Geomorphic Assessment and 
Watershed Restoration Plan - New Hampshire Seacoast

FEA and a partnering consulting firm were selected to carry out the first large-scale project using the VTANR geomorphic assessment protocols in the state of New Hampshire. The project encompassed 60 river miles within the Exeter River watershed, one of 15 rivers designated for increased protection within the state. The effort culminated with the development of a watershed restoration plan of the entire basin.

White River Phase 2 & Corridor Plan  - Sharon, VT

Under contract to the Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Commission and the Town of Sharon White River Task Force, FEA carried out Phase 2 geomorphic assessments and developed a River Corridor Plan of the White River and its tributaries within the Town of Sharon. The study covered 15 river reaches (30 segments), FEA utilized the new VTANR Rapid Habitat Assessment Protocols (RHA) and Culvert Screening Tools to identify and prioritize restoration projects for the watershed's salmonid fishery.

Click here for a complete map of assessed surface waters in Vermont and New Hampshire.


River Restoration Design

Rock River Tributary - Highgate, VT

FEA, in conjunction with several partnering firms, carried out an alternatives analysis to evaluate stream restoration approaches for a small tributary to the Rock River that was impacted by agricultural land use. The design process included detailed site surveys, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling to determine the frequency and magnitude of channel flooding, and water quality analysis to predict reductions in downstream pollutant loading following restoration.


Saxtons River Dam Removal for AOP Restoration - Grafton, VT

As part of the Saxtons River Corridor Plan, FEA completed a preliminary feasibility study for the lowest reach on the South Branch of the Saxtons River in Grafton, VT. A breached concrete dam has historically caused debris jams, resulting in decreased aquatic organism passage (AOP) and channel instability. FEA completed a detailed channel survey to understand potential adjustments of the channel bed following structure removal, and developed cost estimates for final design, permitting, and implementation.




Stormwater Management

Shelburne Farms Stormwater - Northwestern VT

FEA assissted Ecosolutions, LLC , in development of an ecologic stormwater design for the dairy farm on the Shelburne Farms property. FEA developed a runoff analysis for the site and is worked with Ecosolutions, UVM, and Shelburne Farms stakeholders to understand the site's pollutant loads and develop a final the design to mitigate the farms impacts to downstream water quality. The design incorporated Low Impact Design principles and other innovative solutions for treating nutrients from the farm site.

Farrell Park Demonstration Project - Northwestern VT

FEA worked with Ecosolutions, LLC on a demonstration project for an innovative stormwater design at Farrell Park in South Burlington, Vermont. Funded by the Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District, the design incorporated a series of sedimentation chambers with a gravel wetland cell to treat sediment-laden runoff flowing into Potash Brook.

here for a factsheet about the design.

Essex High School Raingarden -  Essex, VT

FEA worked with the Essex High School Environmental Club and Ecosolutions, LLC, to help mitigate stormwater impacts of the faculty parking lot. FEA helped the Environmental Club acquire grant funding, designed and oversaw the construction of the structure and plantings. 

here for a factsheet about the design.    


Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
and Modeling

Natural Resource Farm Assessment and Screening Tool (NFAST)- Fairfield, VT

The VTANR Center and Clear Program funded a pilot project with a large dairy farm in Franklin County to improve the permitting process for converting fallow lands into cropland. FEA, in conjunction with several partnering consultants, developed a geospatial model to determine the suitability of land for cropland conversion. The model output includes potential field scores and ranks based on: 1) natural resource constraints such as wetlands and proximity to impaired waterways, and 2) land productivity considerations such as crop yield and field slope.

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